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Laser Microneedling
Laser Microneedling
In addition to the cosmetic surgeries that Dr. Slack performs out of Saint Lucie, Florida, he also focuses on Laser/Microneedling . Some of the non-invasive procedures that he focuses on are

• Silikon 1000: This technique uses microdroplets of silicone injected over many location and minute amounts stimulating your body’s own collagen formation for a permanent result. It requires multiple sessions at least 2 months apart.
• Innomed Microneedling: This procedure is done with topical anesthesia in the office causing multiple dermal penetrations with a proprietary device inducing injury to stimulate collagen synthesis while simultaneously applying solutions that are aimed at improving skin texture, decreasing scarring, or altering skin pigmentation.

• Laser Hair Removal: The Lumenis Light Sheer Diode Laser (wavelength 800nm) is used to remove/reduce hair. This is done in the office with topical anesthesia. It typically requires 4-5 sessions.


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