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Facial Implantation
Facial Implantation
If you are looking for a safe and professional doctor for you facial implantations, look no further. Dr. Slack specializes in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and is located in Saint Lucie, Florida. His facial implantation procedures will help you obtain the look you’ve always wanted.

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Facial implantations help to enhance certain areas and features of your face. The procedure involves placing a safe, synthetic material deep under your skin so that it sits on top of your bone. By passing under subcutaneous tissue, you are able to achieve a lasting look that won’t deteriorate as your skin ages. It is held in position by your bone and can emphasize contours, correct imperfections and help you achieve a more proportional look. Facial implantation is usually an outpatient procedure and is most commonly done on your chin or cheeks. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Slack today to learn more.


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