Their own brand new homeworld is actually a criminal land, ruled of the warlords and you will wracked of the frequent raids out-of Weequay pirate rings

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Their own brand new homeworld is actually a criminal land, ruled of the warlords and you will wracked of the frequent raids out-of Weequay pirate rings

Their own brand new homeworld is actually a criminal land, ruled of the warlords and you will wracked of the frequent raids out-of Weequay pirate rings

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Ventress try deeply hurt of the death of their own newfound family and therefore took to drifting the brand new universe searching for a purpose, eventually turning to bounty browse, and searching for a good way of measuring profits on the market. Which works pressed their unique to adopt a few unexpected alliances-she rescued Obi-Wan Kenobi regarding the purses of one’s previous Sith Lord Maul and you can Savage Opress, who had recently apprenticed himself to help you their renegade Sith aunt-and you may spent some time working alongside Skywalker’s apprentice, Ahsoka Tano, when Tano are wrongly accused regarding bombing the fresh Jedi Forehead.

When Ventress is actually half dozen years of age, for the 49 BBY, Hal’Sted try murdered during an effective pirate uprising, making Ventress-nevertheless a youngster-orphaned into the assault. She receive their particular master’s human anatomy and you can grieved over their losings, but became distracted by the coming away from Ky Narec, a great Jedi Knight have been stuck towards Rattatak and solved to fight brand new pirate risk. As he also are attacked by good Weequay, Ventress called upon in earlier times unexploited Force power to throw the newest pirate with the sky and you may across the multiple residential property. Taking her potential from the Push, Narec took the infant into his worry and made their particular their Jedi Padawan. Unfamiliar so you can her at that time, Narec had been the one who murdered Hal’Sted, not this new pirates.

Because the a high-positions officer regarding the Separatist army, Ventress up coming battled on Confederacy towards battlefields of your own galaxy-spanning Clone Battles after its birth. Her brutality and you will ruthlessness when you look at the race contrary to the clone armies out-of the new Republic and you may Jedi Purchase gained her a beneficial fearsome character. At the beginning of the war, she battled into front side outlines out of a major race up against the latest Republic forces in demand of Jedi Learn Tholme. The fresh Confederacy had broadly obtained the fresh new tournament, but in a final large skirmish, Ventress engaged Tholme from inside the private combat and easily overrun the Jedi, disarming your and you can forcing a stop trying. Ignoring Dooku’s demand one she free Tholme’s existence, the new Ebony Acolyte stated profit by executing him on battleground. She later on delivered the brand new Jedi Master’s lightsaber for the matter given that an excellent trophy.

Ventress left the remainder of the battle in the hands out-of Standard Loathsom, who was purchased in order to march towards city and sustain the fresh Jedi filled while she conducted the second part of their particular Masters’ plan: the new kidnapping off Rotta, young buck away from Jabba the newest Hutt. Ventress moved so you’re able to Jabba’s throneworld away from Tatooine for the an effective Trident-classification physical violence motorboat and you can hunted on the more youthful Huttlet. She ambushed Rotta’s cruise barge as well as escort skiffs on wasteland, ruining among skiffs prior to abducting new barge. Having Rotta inside the tow, she fled into the abandoned B’omarr Order Monastery on the Teth during the Insane Area, from the front lines of war. Reports out-of Rotta’s kidnapping at the hands of “renegades” give quickly because the Jabba hired bounty seekers to help you retrieve his kin and you may achieved out over this new Republic Senate and you can Jedi Council to possess aid in exchange to have clear passageway courtesy Hutt Space. On Teth, Ventress secured Rotta about monastery dungeons prior to calling Number Dooku and you may Lord Sidious, exactly who recognized their own really works. Dooku requested Ventress to guard the baby but allow unavoidable Republic save force to locate and you will grab your; the amount needed video footage of the Jedi toward Huttlet so you’re able to deceive Jabba for the convinced that the fresh new Jedi had been about the brand new kidnapping.

She try met with dissatisfaction and you may veiled risks from her Learn, who was however on the Tatooine trying to parley with Jabba. While Dooku reminded their particular of one’s bet of its conspiracy, she are distracted by the arrival off Obi-Wan Kenobi, who had been top the newest Republic reinforcements. Ventress retreated with the an antechamber throughout the monastery, luring Kenobi towards a one-on-you to battle on dark. Even in the event she lurked in the higher is at of monastery for a time, Kenobi’s prodding and taunting sooner received their own down to participate the fresh Jedi into an amount community. The fresh new duel noticed each other combatants enjoy the advantage for some time, but eventually Kenobi discovered order of argument when he contributed the fresh ebony-side apprentice in order to a great catwalk outside of the monastery. It was truth be told there which they both sensed from Push one Skywalker and you can Tano had escaped Teth for the Huttlet, signifying their mission’s incapacity. Even in the event she attempted to continue this new attack, Ventress are disarmed of one out-of their particular lightsabers and you may forced to refuge up to speed good Vulture-category droid starfighter.

Actually without knowing the outcomes of the event, Katuunko made their decision and you will called Dooku so you can reject their give, stating you to Ventress overlooked the fresh new terms of their price and you will refuted to give Yoda a reasonable challenge. The brand new matter would not ensure it is Toydaria to fall into the Republic, so purchased their apprentice so you can kill the king while making method having a pro-Separatist monarch. She nearly been successful regarding task, lisää however, their unique lightsaber blades have been stopped middle-hit of the Master Yoda’s telekinetic intervention. The brand new Jedi put Ventress as well as taunted her Force prowess, seizing their unique lightsabers regarding her and you may recommending stop trying. Yoda desired their for taking their unique weapons back, but Ventress denied surrender and you will rather detonated bombs she had planted near Katuunko’s starship to the ridge significantly more than. The newest burst and you can dropping rubble sidetracked the Jedi and his awesome clones, giving the ebony-front side apprentice a way to escape up to speed their unique Punworcca 116-group interstellar sloop. Dooku is actually troubled within his assassin and you can setup a grudge against Katuunko from inside the white of your own mission’s inability.

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“Dooku. He betrayed myself.””I understand. I experienced expected you’ll get where you’re going to help you us in the course of time.” ?Ventress and you may Mother Talzin

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